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​Grid Eraser was formed in October 2010 to fill a void in the solar industry.  We wanted to provide a quiet green alternative to gasoline generators.  Everyone wants to go Green, but the options have been limited.  Until this point in time the solar industry has addressed either very small solar charging devices or whole house rooftop systems with long term returns on your investment.

Similar portable solar systems in this price range have a small battery, and their panel or panels have low wattage and low output resulting in taking days to re-charge the battery.  These systems do not have much power - maybe power your cellphone or laptop.  Our power, run times, and re-charge times cannot be matched!

Whole house rooftop solar systems (5 - 10 KW) can be very expensive.  $25 - 50K with a 20 year ROI, and most do not come with a battery backup system for nighttime use.  The power provided will not handle your home AC unit (10 - 12 KW) or furnace, and the inverter is tied to the utility power grid.  During a power outage you will be in the dark like everyone else!  The solar lease is a 20 year commitment with either a no down (high lease payment), or a large down payment or balloon payment to lower your lease terms.  You will still have an electric bill, plus a lease payment, and you will not own the solar system.  The excess power generated is sent to the utility company and you are given credits (which will go away).  Most utilities are now adding a monthly fee to have access to the grid, ranging from $5 - $50 per month.

Our objective is to become a leading supplier of portable solar powered systems to individuals and small businesses.  Our mission statement is to provide cost effective portable solar powered systems that are good for the environment.  Our portable solar powered systems allow the customer to start unplugging from the utility grid as well as have a reliable backup generator in an emergency situation that requires no gasoline.​

We believe in personal connections.  You will reach the owner, not a call center or unknowledgeable customer service representatives.  We have shipped throughout the U.S. including HI and AK.  We are a Veteran Owned Business.

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